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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dear Dairy;

Dear Dairy,

Oh dairy, where to begin. Thursday I finished off the last of my non fat greek yogurt mixed with berries and granola and I thought I might just have to lick the bowl clean had I not been in a public place! I do so love you in my coffee, over my cereal, swirled decadently over deserts, and shoved mindlessly in my mouth as am appetizer. I like to stack you on my sandwich, sprinkle you over pasta and scramble the bejeezers out of you for breakfast. That being said, I must take a break from you. I must start thinking of you as liquid meat. I must consider the ramification of your decadence on my arteries, err, my thighs too? I'm starting a 28 day diet challenge called Engine2. At it's roots it is a vegan diet with the additional exclusion of all oils, refined sugar and processed food. Meals will be low fat, low sodium, oil free, high fiber, plant, bean and whole grain based. I can do without meat, that I have done before and have been doing off and on since high school, I admit I need to curb sugar and oils, but dairy, oh my how can I ever say good bye?

To start with, my dairy will now have to be "alternative" I'm stocked up on coconut milk creamer, oat milk, rice milk and almond milk, all unsweetened. For recipes requiring cream or egg, I can substitute a with an alternative creamer, applesauce or blended tofu.
They have not quite prefected vegan cheese or soy yogurts yet so I might just do without for the next 4 weeks. I am willing to experiment if the going gets tough.

So you see dairy, I'm in it to see how this might make a difference in my overall well being.I'm doing it for an overall mind body challenge and I'm being told by my nutritionist that I may notice less bloat, less post nasal drip if I take a break from you. Just know that you will be in my thoughts often, if not constantly.

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