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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall soccer begins!

Roman had his first U5 SVVYSA soccer practice last night, we scored the same coach and all the same teammates as last "season", ( the practices and games run in the fall / spring for 8 weeks at a time)
Practice is held at a local city park, lots of shade and a big ground to bounce around on after or before practice. Enthusiasm was high, kids were joyous and energetic.....wearing his new jersey and real soccer cleats, I thought Roman was starting and is starting to look quite like a real athlete as he dribble kicked the ball back and forth across the field.

I ask myself if we are really ready as a family to keep this soccer business up? It's a casual event now- no goalies, no score keeping, co-ed and friendly. The stakes are fairly low, everybody claps and cheers for every play, the coaches put up with or are able to deal with tantrums. The upstart cost are fairly minimal.... What's to happen when or if it becomes " competitive" with longer practices, "away" games and up tight parents?

However, I suppose we cross that proverbial bridge when, or if, it comes, for now, we enjoy the family picnic like atmosphere, the jovial end of day conversation with other parents and of course watching our little Beckham, bend it!