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Friday, November 19, 2010

My Favorite People

It's like nothing else the way these boys greet their dad when he comes home. There is usually a chanted string of " daddy!, daddy!, daddy! Followed by one or both boys leaping into his arms, or wrapping their arms around his legs.

One time Roman jumped head first through the open car window onto Aaron's lap before he could even get parked in the driveway.

Last nite was like any other, they were just generally gleeful and ready to be carried and hugged, I manged to get this quick pic to capture the love.

Sometimes I'm jealous that Aaron gets that kind of greeting at the end of the day, but mostly I am in awe of the bond between the boys and their super patient, super strong and always loving dad.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Meatless Monday: Bacon is from the devils kitchen.

My path on Meatless Monday is generally an easy one. Even when on the go I can find the non meat option and enjoy it just the same. Dinners are usually large mixed green salads, with nuts, hard boiled eggs, cheese or falafel on top. Frozen spinach raviolis work great too. Barley is my new favorite grain and can be stuffed into a bell peppers or put in a chili, it's hardy, freezes well and is low cost.
But on this meatless Monday I met the devil, he was offering fresh samples of maple sugar bacon while I was trying to do my shopping at Costco today. And I totally caved, didn't even think twice about going back for a second and darn it, maybe even a 3rd bite. Doh.!
I didn't cave in enough to actually buy the giant $12 package of sweet, fatty deliciousness cuz I worried I'd go home, sizzle it up and devour it in one sitting;) That said, I had also made a conscious decision on this meatless monday trip to Costco that I would buy no red meat. Our freezer shelves are close to bare and usually I'd restock on ground beef, lamb chops, and maybe splurge on a couple of rib eyes. But in an effort to be both more health and budget concious I decided our biggest protein purchases would be lean boneless skinless chicken and wild sockeye salmon. Can't say the bill at checkout was shockingly lower than average, but maybe our waist line and arteries will thank us later.