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Thursday, August 1, 2013

What did zero say to eight?

What did zero say to eight?
....Nice belt.

...and so it is we have an 8 year old, I'm only a tad bit late on his birthday post but justly so, we've just been crazy busy.

But I feel at this point this big dude deserves a blog post - an update for all my friends and family to applaud his efforts at turning a glorious healthy age of 8 and finishing up 2nd grade with not only academic honors and achievements but with athletic achievements as well.

He celebrated his 8th birthday in May with 2 of his best buddies at an amusement center. It only seemed like yesterday we were throwing him a big Thomas the Train extravaganza, now a fun outing with buddies racing go-carts and playing mini golf does the trick. 

Finally big enough to drive alone

.....he tested and passed for his young dragon black belt in karate...

He did his first season in track and field showing a affinity towards the long jump and actually placing twice in meets for the long jump. He also ran the 100m and 200m dash.

He also finished 3rd place in his age group at the Kerr Family YMCA youth triathlon

Welcome to the Gun Show

He melts my heart and drives me crazy at the same time, has an abundant amount of energy one moment and can't be peeled off the couch the next.  He's both a daddys boy and a mamas boys and he can work that against us, but we love him, our little button. He asks a lot questions now that I usually have to either defer to his dad, or to google to find the answer, a lot of times I can get away with "what do you think?". He is on the 4th book of the Harry Potter series and will take up piano lessons in the fall.  His love of learning and school is a blessing, he started 3rd grade this week and was the first kid to class- ready to get to work!

First Day of 3rd Grade