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Friday, October 1, 2010

Friendships. Earthships. What a Trip!

I recently took a long weekend away from the family to visit a near and dear old friend from college. The kind of friend that knew me probably before I "knew" myself. When I met her back in the day ( late 90's) at Dominican University we were fellow English major- library clerk- dorm living -marlboro lite smoking- perpetual daters. Since I came on the University scene as a late blooming transfer student she warned me about certain teachers, the goofy number taking lady at Calerega dining hall and that the boy I was hanging out with before poetry class in front of the library was kinda strange.

Later she became a catalyst for my move out to Colorado, my bridesmaid, my magazine fairy and later, and later due to distance in homes, jobs, husbands etc, we relegated the friendship to e-mail penpal-ship.

She moved to another planet called Crestone just as I was too moving to another planet called Longmont. She has open space, unobstructed majestic mountain views, elk that wander freely, and UPS man that know her birthday and a custom built art studio. I have Super Target ;)

This is her studio.She is a sculptor, I have one of her "early" pieces, worth more at this point than the TV it resides above I'm sure. To see more of her work all shined up and pretty go here.

After a 4+ hour solo road trip from my planet to hers, I could feel myself unwind a off as I turned onto Road T, the main, uhh only road into Crestone from HWY 17.

Crestone's playground is the Sanddunes National Park, and the Sangre de Cristo mountains. It's an hour jaunt away from Alamosa and a 2 hour jaunt to Taos, NM. My friend knows Taos like the back of her hand so we decided a girlfriends getaway was in order, complete with spa treatments, a foodie dinner at Byzantium and loads of chic- boutique shopping and gallery browsing.

On the way to Taos from Crestone you pass over the Royal Gorge "Don't look down" unless you are freaked out by drop offs -like me- then by all means confront your fears and take a peak!!!!

We got a bit of the stink eye at a fancy boutique because I was childishly trying on a $150 fake fur cat head hat, earmuff-scarf thing and I made Deana take my picture so I could compare and contrast it to another image of me wearing a similar head dress. I immediately sent this pic to pal Melanie cuz I know she'd think it was as hilarious and Deana and I did.

We walked, talked, and reminisced & rested. The drive was quick ( as quick as my husband hybrid roller skate woudl take us) , and a bit surreal and inspiring.

The Earthship community just outside Taos was a highlight, and not unlike stumbling across a sneak peak of what the earth will look like by remaining inhabitants in 100 years.

I'd definitely like to return to New Mexico by way of Crestone again, so much more still to absorb!

Thank you dear friend Deana for taking on me on such a great trip. I'm glad we were "let" free. We've come a long way since the Fanjeaux breezeway!

Till next time!