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Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's a wrap, 2011 in review

I'm thinking about changing my blog title to "Family on the Go" What do you think?

This is us on Thanksgiving for the Wake Forest Gobblers Run 5k . I have done a lot of solo 5k & 10k races in the past, but this was the first one we all did together. I don't think I'll ever do another one without my family!Roman and Aaron ran together and I pushed Ryan in the Linkstroller; Ryan got out of the stroller a few times to run and received cheers and applause from other runners, we were all grinning ear to ear. Roman especially loved bellying up tot the post race snacks!

I thought I'd catch us up on some of our family highlights of 2011, before I embark on new entries for 2012... we have certainly been a FAMILY on the Move this year that's for sure.

It seems like it all started last spring when we decided to take a family vacation to Florida, where we experienced the magic chaos of Disneyland, Animal Kingdom, and the Nickelodeon resort. If that's not a lesson in endurance, crisis and money management I don't know what else is! But we did have fun.

In the late spring Aaron took a job promotion that would move him to a new facility in Clarksville, VA a small lake side town just north over the state of NC. After careful consideration of school districts, housing and commute time, we settled on establishing ourselves in sleepy Wake Forest, NC.

In an unbelievable turn of events we sold our home in CO after one week on the market! We spent almost a month or more apart as Aaron started his job in VA and I closed up the house, managed the movers, finalized the sale of the home and attended several tear jerking "farewell " parties for us and the boys.

We moved into a rather dumpy short term rental where there were troublesome bugs, even more troubling neighbors and an inoperable stove.... but after 3 months we closed on the sale of a "new to us" dreamy home. Hurricane Irene helped us move in a most expeditious manor.The neighborhood we moved into is very welcoming. I have been invited into the neighborhood book club and Aaron has been invited to play touch football on Sundays. People knocked on our door to introduce themselves and brought us treats. Roman is in heaven... surrounded by other boys his age, they rule the cul-da-sac with their bikes, scooters, Nerf swords, football and hockey games. We feel really lucky, a tad bit relieved and generally really happy with our decision to move.

But the bugs in NC are freaking big!

Roman has lost 3 teeth, said goodbye to old friends and made tons of new ones, he is continuing with karate and will be awarded with Orange belt this weekend. He rides the bus to school and has recently been entered in the Accelerated Reader program in his first grade class.

Ryan continues to bring smiles to everyone he meets, and he has made some new friends in the neighborhood too. He goes to music class with me, and will likely start preschool soon. He turns 3 this month and wants a Batman cake.

Below is a picture of Ryan at his Aunt Rebecca's wedding in Golden, CO.

We finished out the calender year by celebrating Christmas with Grandma and Papa Ades, & visited extended Wilmington. We played and boated near Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach.

So what does the new year hold for us? More ( yes still ) unpacking, furnishing and organizing, more swimming, more fun in the sun, lemonade stands, backyard parties, biking, rollerblading and running.

As for little whole me, I will continue to volunteer my time as Romans room parent, spending time in the classroom and assisting the PTO with various school events like teacher appreciation, fundraising events and such. I also hope to blog more, do more yoga, perfect a few more vegan entrees and take piano lessons.

Here's to hoping the world doesn't end this year so I can keep you posted on our happenings!

Many blessings for a wonderful 2012

Mama on the Go and Family