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Monday, January 10, 2011

Find out who your " fans" are

Go team E2!

Find out who your "fans" are.

Step one: Commit to going on a 28 day vegan, low oil, low sugar and no processed foods diet.

Step two: Share your commitment, excitement, the research behind the diet and even meals with others.

Step three: Sit back in astonishment as you begin get such responses as "I feel sorry for you", "Vegans all get B12 deficiency disease " and an ever so sarcastic "Good Luck with that! ".

Step four: Relish and try to focus on the positive responses such as "you are an inspiration", "I know it will be hard but you can do it!" and " Please share recipes!!!"

Today is the Official Day One of the Engine2 challenge that me and Aaron are participating in through the Boulder Valley YMCA and Boulder Whole Foods. However we have been adapting our diet for a several days now, meal planning, stocking up of healthy grains, beans, and nuts. We are also figuring out and discussing what the challenges are going to be when dining out, while traveling and how to avoid the office junk food hour.

Half way thru day one and so far so good, no real issues on my end. Started the day with a high fiber, whole grain cereal with fruit and rice milk , tangerines for snack, apple and almond butter for post workout snack followed by a rice protein and berry smoothie with added flax, and coconut kefir for lunch. For dinner I am making a huge veggie, tofu, spelt noodle lasagne.

Good luck to all my fellow E2 participants!

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