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Monday, January 28, 2013

3 is as 3 does

"Your children get only one childhood. Make it memorable".
- Regina Brett

Ryan won't be 3 for very much longer, his birthday is coming up here on the 29th...that's tomorrow!  His grand party was yesterday with 8 or so of his BFF's and few special guest appearances from neighborly big kids to help out. 

Big Brother delighted to apply tattoos

We did a treasure hunt, had pizza, cake and ice cream and he got showered with gobs of attention and presents, as any birthday boy should! I don't do "Pinterest perfect" parties but costumes are key! 
We had fun this year that's for sure.

Special Guest Helper

Comparing loot

Some parents feared or hated the toddler years, but I'm kinda ( ok, very) sad to see them slipping by.  Age 3 for both Roman and Ryan have been magical ages, the age when language explodes, reason and ability fight and collide at every turn, affection is king and the outside world- other little people are almost, if no at times more important that the parental unit. Ryan will be friends with just about anyone or creature that smiles at him, he loves dogs, cats, worms with an equal intensity.  He's super affectionate, open hearted and a joy. Seriously, at what other age will I hear " Mommy you're the best mommy ever, I love you, you are my best friend"

3 is as 3 does - For Ryan.

3 is.... running into door knobs, declaring lasagna to be your favorite food one day then retching over it the next.
3 is "play with me", "play with me" and "play with me some more".
3 is hugs on the legs, sneaks from the candy jar, and tears for a dead worm.
3 is teamwork, holding hands, and follow the leader.
3 is 3 books at night and many bath time fights.
3 is learning, questions, language and laughs.
3 is being swung in a towel, crawling into dads shirts, and dancing naked.
3 is "I can do it", "help me", "when's tomorrow?" " Watch"
3 is broken sleep, hard sleep, talking sleep, and no sleep.
3 is favorite PJ's that make people laugh, bigger car seats and costumes anytime.
3 is scared of dark rooms, scooby do on repeat and more cheese crackers than should be legal to eat.
3 is following big brother round, poking him, jumping on them and running after them like he'd never dream of leaving him behind.
3 is daddy love, mommy love and teacher love.
3 is knowing a trip to the store yields a free cookie, the dry cleaners give lollipops and the deli serves either sprite or punch or lemonade- a mix of all 3 isn't unreasonable.
3 is karate, soccer and a desire to do just about every other extracurricular sport out there.
3 is scribble scrabble, rockets out of blocks, superhero capes and PB& J. 
3 is big boy underwear worn backwards, peeing on trees and noticing girls like pink and boys like blue.
3 is saying with sincerity "bye mommy have a nice run", "how was your day?" and "I sure hope it doesn't rain tomorrow". 
3 won't be remembered by him but I will remember 3.      

My hope for Ryan in this next year of his life is that he continues to be compassionate and open to all new friendships and experiences. I hope he continues to grow his imagination, vocabulary, independence and physical strength.  With all his wonderful friends, his teachers and his big brother to guide him along, he's going to have another great year. 

Happy Birthday Fluffy!