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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Out with the Old, In with the New

Irene's Dining Room

Ades' Dining Room

Hurricane Irene made a big splash on the news, and along the NC coast as well but not so much here inland Wake Forest. However the threat was large enough that we picked up the pace of moving into our new home and fit about 2 days worth of what was suppose to be mellow loading and unloading into 8 hours. We worked to the point of hysterics, and by hysterics I mean a bit of stress, and alot of mostly laughter, at one point we were trying to navigate our queen sized mattress up the stairs and it became a scene out of Friends: "PIVOT!" where we had concluded the bed was clearly defective and would need to be dismantled and replaced. That was about when we had to call it quitting time.

Enter bird bath margaritas, and some very tired bodies.

By the the eve of the Irene's landfall we were moved into the new house well enough to sleep and eat, basic provisions were stocked and we stayed abreast of town happenings online. We spent the next day unpacking, and living the simple life till the rest of our stuff would be brought over by the professional movers.

Aaron had the week following the final migration off from work and we unpacked, and ruthlessly purged our books, kitchen gadgetry and kids toys ( yard sale potentially next week if anyone wants to make the trip to peruse!)

We also took plenty of ridiculous bubble baths in the jetted tub:

We actually rounded out our first week in our new house -out of the house quite a bit. The neighborhood pool held a labor day boat "regatta" party where kids and adults can race a hand made boat across the pool crafted only out of cardboard and duct tape.Roman entered the race with the help of his dad (and mom) hello-2 trips to Walmart for camouflage duct tape!!!

Sizing up competition:

Our boat was named:" Your mama wears combat boots"

Poolside spectacle.I mean spectator.

We did not win the regatta but had a blast trying, it was a great diversion from unpacking as well as a fun time spent with neighbors.

As the days pass into Fall, temperatures are dropping and the oven like southern heat wave is becoming somewhat of a distant memory. We are getting more and more settled... if you can call sitting on camping chairs in the tv room settled. We are slowly bringing order back from a chaotic and stressful past few months.We are enjoying cooking in our new kitchen- we went over a month without a working oven in our lovely rental home!

We love love love our new neighborhood,and neighbors I can't wait to share more!