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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life's Right for the Ades at Wrightsville Beach, NC

With our 8 year wedding anniversary as an excuse to "getaway" we got our land locked tails over to the coast last weekend- it's was astonishing!

We left early afternoon on Friday and made it to the bustling town of Wilmington, and the surf lovers mecca of Wrightsville Beach. After checking into our hotel we quickly made our way to a seafood resaurant on the marina, I indulged in a long over due summer mojito, and we watched boats come in and out. Aaron spied his dream yacht, we ventured to guess it was about $600k - ouch!

After dinner we drove straightaway to the shore, and the boys ( all three of them) could hardly contain their excitement and had to dive right in street clothes and all.

The warm watered waves knocked Roman around much to his absolute delight, and he begged us to bury him in the sand, Aaron happily obliged.

Saturday was all about fun in the sun, sand and surf. We played and swam till we ran out of provisions and energy. We took refuge from mid afternoon heat in our hotel room.

Saturday evening we walked along Cape Fear River and spied the Battleship US North Carolina from across river where planned to visit the next day.

Sunday we took a water taxi over to the Battleship.The boys hung in there pretty well, yet rising temps + humidity, + non air condiioned ships quarters made for a sweltering battleship visit. The ship is enormous and we probably only really took in about a third of it.
I found it very fascinating and wouldn't mind going back some time, Ryan might need another looksee when he gets a bit older too, he found it a lot to take in for a little guy.

We hope to get back out to the coast again this month while Roman takes his first "track out" school break. We have a growing list of places to visit along the shore, I'd say the beach made a lasting impression on the boys.


Bonita Ades said...

Sounds like a great weekend. When I get to a beach, I realize how much I miss the "Big Ladoo" having grown up with it.

Mama On the Move said...

We must have said big "big ladoo" about 100 times, Aaron was super smitten with the water too, we can't wait to get back!