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Monday, August 22, 2011

Birthdays, Moving Days, oh Happy Day!

It's Monday morning of the week we will close on the sale of our new home. It's also my Dad's 69th birthday , yay! I'll raise a big ol' mug of strong coffee to you!

Speaking of birthdays, Roman was invited to his first North Carolina friend birthday party, he has made a buddy in class that also goes to the neighborhood pool a lot and they have seemed to click. They get a long very well, and the boys parents are nice and it's melts my heart to see him playing and smiling and being a silly boy, I think he grows tired of playing with baby brother and the parents!

Other than attending the birthday party we spent the majority of the weekend packing up and organizing for the move. The boys liked unpacking the boxes, so I quickly learned to go ahead and seal the boxes up as soon as it was stuffed. We have a simple, yet, labor intensive plan to load - unload a 17' Uhaul on Saturday with as much stuff as we can, leaving behind heavy cumbersome and otherwise 2- strong man items such as the washer/ dryer, the freezer, beds, tables, outdoor stuff etc. A local moving company will show up next Monday and finish up for us for an arm and a leg = hourly rate.

We just started the first "track out" from school, a 3 week break from the year round schedule. At first, as the break was looming I was dreading it, I though oh my gosh we just started now I have to keep him busy again??? But as the track out was looming, so was was his exhaustion, the rigors of 1st grade, plus the heat and early start time to catch the bus, I think really caught up with him, he was starving when he walked in the door and one day he even fell asleep at 4:00 on the loveseat! So now, I am grateful for the break for Roman, but I am also equally grateful for the prolific track out camp selection in Wake Forest. Today Roman is going to take a Tennis / Swim camp offered in our neighborhood and he will be kept company with another buddy from his class.

After I drop Roman off to camp I get to meet our angel of an agent at the new house for a final walk thru, I can't wait!!

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