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Thursday, June 16, 2011


That's "awesome" to those who can't a decipher phonetic typing by a 6 year old.

We made it Wake Forest, NC !

Been here as a family for a total of 4 1/2 days and what a whirl wind it has been. After closing the sale on our home in Colorado, overseeing the packers and the truck loaders ( two entirely different beasts unto themselves) and spending 2 lonely days down at the in laws, I threw my seasoned traveling children on a one way - 2 stop flight to the Raleigh airport only to be greeted by a relaxed and oh so happy husband who took both boys up and into his arms in reunion. Roman could not talk fast enough to catch daddy up on all his news.


My Father in law Jon was there to greet us at our rental home, my car safely delivered, beer fully stocked in the fridge and a his calm relaxed happy + helpful demeanor.

Since receiving shipment of our household move on Tues:
partially unpacking in an attempt to make a cozy home- think, basic furniture, clothes, toys, food, technology. and are essentially living in a sea of boxes.

Made an offer on a home- with an anticipated closing date on Aug 15

Registered Roman for school- he started July 11th as a first grader in a year round elementary school

Visited the local YMCA- nice place!

Caught fireflies, collected sticks, and helped repair a neighborhood creek bridge that was washed out in a recent storm.

Roman typed out his first e-mail to a BFF back in CO, I believe he sums it up best with
"i have a riley good house for rent it has a forest buy it firefly's are thare and osum sticks and a cool shool your frnd roman "

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