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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Are Otter Pops Addicting or what?

Sadly our first day of summer was spent mostly indoors. Thanks to oppressive heat, humidity and a near by fire that settled smoke onto the town, likening the atmosphere to sitting a sauna next to a guy smoking a thick cigar.

And its not really the heat, and It's not really the humiity, its both combined and the fact that it makes us reclusive, not just us, but the neighbors too, whom I would have hoped would be akin to this madness. It's hard to get around, even going from one air conditioned space to the next is painful, when the only thing to transport you ina hot car. We are new to this area and need to get out! The kids are bouncing off the walls and furniture, I feel like I have caged monkeys. Neighbors kinda make an appearance around 7 or 8, and then they swoop their kids back inside for bed time routine, or TV I can't figure it out. We tried to step out last evening around 5, it was just too hot to play. Later we tried again around 7:30 and it was a more tolerable. Roman hopped on his razor scooter and Ryan scooted along on on mini train. As Roman zipped back and forth and up and down the street, I felt like I just wanted to tip over and die, but I pulled myself together, took one for the team and let he boys get some outside play time. I move slower in these parts, like a slug or an 80 year old woman., or an 80 year old slug.

So on this second day of summer, in the south, this mama on the go, needs to start thinking in reverse, or opposite of the cold Colorado winters. Instead of bundling up and dressing in layers to get out in the elements and dashing back in for a hot chocolate, we will dress as scantly clad as possible, carry iced water and tea, we will frequent the pool, relish small breezes, and dash back indoors for an otter pop or 2 or 3.

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