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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

" How Big Is Your Bowl? "


December 27 – Ordinary Joy

Prompt: "Our most profound joy is often experienced during ordinary moments. What was one of your most joyful ordinary moments this year?"

There are many ordinary moments in my daily life as a mama on the move that bring me profound joy, but the most recent one happened during breakfast. As a family we don't sit around the kitchen table together much, meals can be broken up, my toddler eats on go a lot, snagging bites from our plates like a magpie.

But the other morning I was sitting at the kitchen table, making my daily to do list, or shopping list, or maybe I was eating , I can't remember. But I do recall that boys were there as well, having breakfast cereal. And what made this ordinary moment profoundly- joyful was when Roman turned the box around and started reading from the back, while at the same time, Ryan was spooning perfect, spoonfuls of cereal into his own mouth.

Roman is reading to me and Ryan is feeding himself!

I had this feeling of riding in a bus, like a tourist in my own life and witnessing this minute transformations of " big-boyhood" coming into play at the same time. Who are these big boys? One minute I am catching cheerios off the chin of Ryan while helping Roman sound out the letters in a word, the next I am witnessing huge feats of independence!

Had I gotten up to do something, or been off in my own world I could have missed it. But the calmness and rightness and ordinary-ness of the moment turned out to be joyful.

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