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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Every other year or so I get the "bah humbugs"  and it usually ends up with me abadoning atleast one or two seemingliny "urgent " or even the not so urgent "to-do-s" like  sending out the perfect holiday cards, or baking dozens or dozens of cookies, or making several last minute dashes to walmart for " just one more" stocking stuffer. Well this year is a bit of a triple threat because I'm not doing an any of those aformentioned things! There is just too much fun to be had with the family & friends to be bogged down with standing in line,  slaving over the stove and buying plastic battery suckers.

But one thing I have been wanting to do for some time now is revisit my blog in an attempt to fill in you 6 followers ( and maybe more?) who might like a year end wrap up from the Ades family- remember us way out her in Dixie? Thought so!

So, my apologies in advance  for not sending out cards this year ( but I do like to receive!)  hopefully you may enjoy, in the days to follow, some good pictures and stories of our past years adventure.

With love, the Ades Family

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