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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fur Sales and Family Time

"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." - John Lennon

What a weekend for the Ades famaily here in the new homeland of Wake Forest, NC

Here's the recap, with lots of pictures to prove it :

Friday night set the tone with a "Dive in Movie" hosted at our neighborhood pool, at sunset they showed Gnomeo & Juliet, the kids floated:

while parents unwinded poolside with beverages of choice.

Saturday was suppose to be our "up and at-em day", we had plans to see the new Winnie the Pooh movie and to go to the State Farmers Market held in Raleigh. But long naps, car issues and big projects "got in the way", or did they?

While Ryan took one of his epic naps, (no doubt to get caught up on the sleep he missed staying up late at the pool) Roman and Aaron decided to fashion themselves a lemonade stand out of the left over moving boxes we had laying around. I was given a list and headed to the grocery store:

I came home with the following:

With receipt in hand we discussed such lofty terms as initial investment, capital expenses and angel investors. We rounded up to $10 in initial expenses and had him calculate how many cups of .50c lemonade he'd have to sell to make that back. We also gave him a locking cash box and made sure he had plenty of coinage to make change. The left brain and right brain were engaged to the max.

Roman sketched out design ideas:

He originally envisioned a Rocket Lemonade Stand, but once they got looking at the shape of the boxes, a castle emerged.

Then the real engineering began:

We finally called it a day and treated ourselves to a dinner out at a local restaurant, Shuckers, super family friendly experience, live music on the patio and a nearby Italian Ice place for refreshing dessert rounded out the day perfectly.

Sunday morning rolled around and it was back to business:

They tested out and perfected the lemonade recipe, a job not taken lightly let me tell you, we debated sweetness over tartness for a good half hour. They mixed the country time mix, with fresh squeezed lemons, sugar and water till the right mix was decided upon. Watching Ryan suck a lemon never gets old, wish I had a picture of his face.

Later Roman Finalizes the signage:

Ryan offered as much help as a toddler in diapers could.

and finally... he is open for business right in the heat of the day no less!

2 customers in 2 hours prompted the need for signage at the entrance of the neighborhood and on the corner of our street.

The signs worked! He sold out pretty quickly, just in nick of time, for who should so brazenly roll in:

.....corporate competition capturing potential customers attention, if not also a hefty portion of Roman earnings, he bought an over priced lemon-lime slushy.

And no, we never pointed out his spelling errors, nor did we get to the movie theater or the farmers market, I'm not even sure we went further than a one mile radius from our home, but for this family on the go, we may have finally started to settle in, to life.


Unknown said...

I love the castle stand, especially the signs!! awesome post!! glad you guys are settling in.

Mama On the Move said...

Thanks squirrel !