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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Closing in on Week 1 of the E2 28 day Diet Challenge

Top 10 things I have learned so far.

Advance planning is mission crucial.

Make a big batch of your favorite grain to add to bean and greens as you see fit. Know what recipes you want to try for the week before you go to the store. Pack you own lunch,& snacks when you are on the go. Resign to making more than 1 trip to the store in a week unless you have giant produce crispers!

Darn you alluring frozen pizza aisle!

There are very few "short cuts". Frozen, pre-made/ processed/ vegan is high in fat and sodium ( even the organic and natural brands are salt licks).Fresh is best, and more often less expensive.

I consult a variety of sources for info. and recipes.

Of course I digest the info in the Engine 2 diet book , in addition to Whole Foods resources, a vegan iPhone app, vegan/ vegetarian blogs and the following books, Skinny Bitch & You Are What You Eat

Even cutting makes for even cooking

I am seriously considering taking a knife skills course.Turns I am not a very organized veggie slicer / dicer and my hand cramps after prepping a double batch of veggie chili. With 2 little kids running around during meal prep I need to get the job done. quickly and safely.

Pomegranate seeds rock!

Try them on the Rips big bowl cereal, over spinach salad and even over guacamole.

Menus and waiters are our friend.

While dining out, the challenge is not at all finding the meat and dairy free choice, the challenge is mostly avoiding the excess oil and sodium

I don't find Vegan cheese very... how shall I say it....delightful.
Justify Full
Also, it's high in fat, has a strange smell, and does not melt. And this makes me sad.

I'm excited to make dinner and pack lunches now.

I don't dread it anymore. I'm not bored, and I don't have any caloric / fat intake "guilt". I'm excited to either try a new recipe, or re-invent an old favorite.

Eating a plant based fiber rich diet is ridiculously filling,

I have found digestive enzymes work magic! So does water. I drink lots of water.

E2 is a great bonding experience.

It's great to have a partner in crime for this challenge, which is quickly not at all feeling like a challenge and just a healthy living M.O.

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Melanie said...

Bravo, Mama! I'm in awe watching you guys try this out and liking it! Self-discovery never gets old.

Thanks for sharing what you've learned along the way.