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Monday, September 27, 2010

Meatless Mondays

I just found out my sons school district does "Meatless Mondays" within their school lunch program!

Hey so do I! I mean, sort of. I started meatless Mondays then the whole bit of... well there are left overs from a meat dinner in the fridge, or oops I forgot to plan ahead.. and there is burger already defrosted so I 'll make it anyways took over.

Now I have a renewed interest and inspiration in going meat free at least once, if not several times a week, if an entire school district can pull it off, why can't I?

Tonight will be: pita sandwiches with pre-made falafel and Tiziki sauce, hummus and sliced veggies and a simple greek-ish salad.

And the best part is: it's all in the fridge and ready to go, easy peasy mac-n-cheesy!

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