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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My new local fondness: Simply Bulk Market

I make my own granola.

So when I need ingredients to put in the “one day to be famous” said granola I go to Simply Bulk Market in downtown Longmont, CO.

I like this place, even though it’s on Main St and I drive there dreading the whole parallel parking chore. I was completely enamored with this store on first visit when greeted with a stack of wicker baskets in which to place my purchases in. The tagging and bagging system is clean and simple, you can weigh your bags to in case you are like me and have no idea what a pound of slivered almonds looks and feels like. You will find just what you need, or atleast I found what I needed. I shouldn't make promises. But this market has promise as being as useful as a trip to costco.

I did a lot of browsing on my first visit and I took note of all the staples one could pick up such as coffee, soaps, a variety of flours and beans, and plenty more you'd never think you needed, but now can not live without, like chocolate covered espresso beans, hand made soap and spicy dried mangoes (to name just a few of the goodies that now fill my cupboards). Ok, the scoop of chocolate covered espresso beans never made it home to the cupboard, but they were delicious as a car snack. Also, I finally stumbled upon dried blueberries, and man, do they sure make a tasty addition to my granola.

I’d love to see more recipes and products ideas scattered around- maybe a recipe rack or wall of product use ideas… maybe a workshop on bean soup making or something. I don’t know just throwing it out there.

I overhead the proprietor say his highest expense after rent is credit card processing- so use cash/ check when you can – help a local business out!

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